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The Honey Club

Save bees. Learn more. Give back.

The Honey Club is a social enterprise set up by Wolff Olins (a brand and innovation company) and Global Generation. Our aim is to build the biggest bee-friendly network in the world, starting with our local community.

We have two beehives on the roof of the Wolff Olins buliding, and now have 100,000 honeybees living by our roof garden.

We're doing this to make a positive contribution to our area: supporting bees and our environment by activating a community of local people who come together to look after and learn about bees.

"I never imagined I would literally be working with bees.....it’s good to understand how insects live, how they have children what their habitats are. I feel proud because I am actually helping the bees to live, whereas before I would have tried to kill them. Now I even think they’re cute and they do actually help each other, I have seen them do it."

Jihaan 15 years

The Honey Club holds bee-themed events where members and young people can learn new skills, exchange ideas and build relationships. Events include honey-tasting, film viewing, cooking, urban gardening and an introduction to bee-keeping.

Membership enables local businesses to make a social and environmental investment in Kings Cross: sponsoring two young people through a development course for a year, and supporting the bee population by contributing to the Honey Club.

We believe responsibility for the world around us shouldn't be limited to CSR departments or faceless donations, and it doesn't have to be boring. So, we're creating a bee-loving community that is local, active, long-term…and fun.

Who's involved

Global Generation, Wolff Olins, Local young people, Local businesses including Argent, Central St Martins, Guardian News & Media, OMD and Eurostar
Urban Bees
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